Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

Here are pics from our first three Christmases, one more to go. We are so blessed!

Wonder Pets!
Katie and Hayley

Diego glasses
The Stricklands at Santa Land
Look at that truck!
Papa and Jack
Papaw, Nana, Uncle Landry and Jack
Jack's Bank/Market
Jack's Filling Station
Santa came!

Cheese? or Ham?
Ready, set, get in the tub!
Ready for presents
Hugo warming up
Jack warming up
Grandad and Granny Lissa's pretty tree
The silly boys
Luke and Scott (Leah is in the pic behind them)
Grandad and Granny Lissa
Hugging Bye

Merry Christmas!!!

After the storm

Jack enjoyed playing in the snow on Christmas, especially throwing snowballs!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Five Generations

Five Generations of first-borns. Jack is the odd man out since he is the only male, but we love him anyway. Jack, Laryn (Mom), Criss (Nana, grandma), Sherry (Meme, great grandma), Ina (Nanny, great-great grandma). We are all truly blessed. Family is everything and we are so lucky to have each other. Merry Christmas!!!