Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

To Kill a Mockingbird

Besides, she hasn't caused any problems, yet. If you look closely at the pics a mockingbird has homesteaded in our bougainvillea tree. I noticed the nest a few days ago and can rarely catch her in the nest. Every time I try to get a pic of her in her nest, she flies out to the post bracing our maple tree or to Jack's swing set and just watches until I leave. Jack and I peeked in the nest today and there was one little egg. It will be neat to see what Jack thinks of the baby bird or birds (if she lays some more eggs) when they hatch.

Saturday, No egg

Sunday, one egg

Twinkle, Twinkle LITTLE STAR

American Idol watch out!
Jack has been singing a bunch of songs lately, but this seems to be his favorite!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

and the hail came down........

This video was taken close to where we use to live. It was one of the hardest hit areas.

Hail, Hail, Hail

Like I said before, the area we use to live in was one of the hardest hit. Almost every house has damage either to the roof or windows, or both. I am not one to wish bad things on people and do feel very bad for all the people impacted by this, but I must say I think Karma is getting some revenge on our former land-lady. Refusing to give back our $700 deposit when the house was cleaner than when we moved in is turning out to be a big mistake for her. We were probably the best renters she ever had and she did us wrong. In return she got the ice storm of 2007, which took out some of her trees, and then this hail storm, which will probably cost her a new roof. Oh well, not my problem. As for the others, my prayers go out to you.

Some areas of OKC reported softball size hail
This pic was taken in the shopping center, next to the mall, in our old neighborhood
Over 80 cars were damaged in the that parking lot.
Preston was working in the city the day after and said almost every car had hail damage and that if my car looked like most of the ones he had seen I would be at home, in bed, crying.
He is probably right!
Hail accumulation off someone's roof.
That's not SNOW!!!!

After it was all over, a fog settled into OKC. Weird, but pretty.
The view from our house was much different than that of OKC.
To the west, we had some odd clouds.
and to the east, a beautiful rainbow!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Flowers

My flowers from my sweet boy, Jack
Nana's flowers from Jack
Gran Jan's flowers from Jack

Five Generations on Mother's Day
Me, Mom, Meme, Jack, and Nanny
Jack with Preston and Gran Jan on Mother's Day
Nanny, my beautiful great grandmother on Mother's Day
Nanny's dark pink peony
Three pink peonies
Peony bouquet that I made from the blooms in Nanny's flowerbed

Being outside makes him SMILE

Family Walk for Hugo's 5th Birthday

Hey! Wait for me!
My three handsome boys!

Using Dad's Shaver

Jack was showing me how to use Preston's electric shaver.
I told him "be careful, don't shave your head" and he bent down, lifted his pant leg and said
"No Mama, I shave my leg!"

Jack and Luke in Lubbock

Jack sliding with Aunt Leah

Turtle Watchin at Uncle Jerry and Aunt Carolyn's
Cutie pie
Luke eating rice soufflé

Friends in Lubbock

Mandy, Tara, and I
Jack driving Noah's Lightning
Jack in Nash's swing
Mandy and Baby Nash